How To Prevent Scratches On Composite Decking

While composite decking is highly durable, it is not entirely scratch-resistant.

Accidental scratches can often be avoided through simple prevention techniques.

  • Install high-quality capped composite decking.
  • Light patio furniture.
  • Install furniture pads.
  • Use outdoor rugs.
  • Pet Care , for Deck Care
  • No high heels.
Composite decknig scratched by furniture

Ready to learn the secrets of preventing composite decking against scratches?

Most Likely Cause of Composite Decking Scratches.

Composite decking can get scratched due to various factors.

Often heavy furniture on the deck.

Dragging objects, like your barbeque will scratch the decking.

Rocks on your shoes.

Sharp items, like dog claws.

All have a high potential to damage your composite deck.

Which is why we must learn how to stop them from scratching the decking.

How To Prevent Scratches On Composite Decking

Taking steps before your decking is damaged is the best solution.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

Choose Lightweight Furniture 

It’s important to select the right kind of outdoor furniture for your composite decking.

It may seem like a good idea to choose heavier furniture to keep it outside for a longer period, but this is not recommended as it can scratch your decking.

Instead, you should consider lightweight furniture.

This may mean bringing the furniture inside during windy weather, but it’s still better than risking damage to your deck.

Also, make sure to lift furniture instead of dragging it, regardless of how heavy it is. Dragging furniture can scratch composite decking and nobody wants that!

Furniture Pads 

Attaching furniture pads to the legs of your furniture helps prevent it from digging into the composite material.

This can be simple self-sticking or more durable attached wood or plastic pads.

Even if you don’t drag your furniture across the deck, the weight of someone sitting on furniture without pads can cause dents and scratches on the material.

Furniture pads are a cheap and easy way to protect your decking.

Use An Outdoor Rug

If you wanna take that extra step to keep your furniture safe and prevent deck scratches, think about getting an outdoor rug. It’s a cool way to protect your composite decking.

Make sure that it doesn’t have any metal parts. They will be self-defeating scratching the decking. Sometimes as bad as the furniture.

Composite Decking damaged by a nail

Avoid using backing materials that can stick to the deck or cause marks, such as latex or rubber. Vinyl backing is generally acceptable with composite decking.

Preventing Damage from Dogs.

In many ways, composite is ideal for your deck if you share it with your dog.

Being easy to clean and non-absorbing of dog messes.

Compared to other decking, most capped composite will scratch less.

To minimize the risk even more consider triming your go dogs claws or booties.

Trimming and then filling your dog’s nails can be a great way to keep them from damaging your decking by making them less sharp.

Slipping booties over your dog’s feet will also help create a barrier between their nails and your decking.

Make sure to get booties that are specifically designed for outdoor use, so they are durable enough to withstand rough surfaces.

You can also check out Best Composite Decking for DogsOpens in a new tab., where we go more in-depth about what to look for in decking shared with a pet. The decking cap real is the key. The more durable it is, the less likely it is to get scratched.

Avoid Wearing Heels On Your Decking 

You may exercise caution when it comes to wearing high heels indoors to prevent floor damage.

However, it’s easy to overlook the potential impact of wearing them on your composite decking.

The sharp point on the heel can create scratches on composite decking surfaces.

To preserve the pristine appearance of your decking for as long as possible, consider swapping your heels for a pair of flat shoes or even cozy slippers before you venture out to relax on your deck.

Can You Get Scratches Out Of Composite Decking? 

Prevention scratches is always better but accidents happen.

And if your composite decking is scratched.

It’s still possible to fix them.

The best method involves using a heat gun to warm up the decking along the scratch, allowing the material to move back into place. The key is to hold the gun close enough to heat the decking, but not so close that it burns. Take your time and work your way along the decking, as rushing the process can complicate the repair and potentially cause further damage.

Alternatively, you can purchase a composite deck repair kit. These kits come with all the tools you need to fill in or cover up scratches, depending on their depth.

The largest challenge with filling scratches and gouges is colour matching.

Which Composite Decking Is Most Scratch Resistant?

Generally speaking, capped composite decking will be more resistant to scratch damage than uncapped decking. However, there are many brands to choose from when it comes to capped composite deckingOpens in a new tab.

Brands such as Fortress Apex, Trex Transcend and Zuri PVC offer composite decking with an impressive level of scratch resistance, so check these brands out first. 

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