Using a Solo Stove on a Composite Deck

The solo stove can be used as an outdoor fireplace if desired since the heat that comes out of the top vents up into a chimney effect for warmth at night when you are sitting on your deck in cold weather conditions!

A solo stove can be used on a composite deck as long as there is a stand for it to sit on creating an air space between the decking and fire.  Including a fireproof mat will increase the protection of the composite decking from any heat radiating from the bottom of the stove. 

Read on to discover how to use a solo stove safely on a composite deck. We will discuss some of the safety features included with solo stoves and how to properly use them on decking. Additionally, we will look at which solo stove is the best and some of its features. 

Before talking about how to safely to use a solo stove on a deck both wood and composite. 

Why would you want a solo stove on your deck?

Enjoying a Solo Stove on Your Deck

Now, this is the good part. Enjoy a crackling fire under the night sky, the flames memorizing you under the stars while the warmth of the fire kissing your skin. Just thinking of this makes me want to go throw another log on the fire. 

A Solo Stove is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, including your deck. Adding the following and more.

  • Ambiance (Including Romance)
  • Warmth
  • Entertaining
  • Encourages Cuddling Outdoors
  • Fun Cooking
  • Social Attraction

Ambience. There is something powerful about fire. Beyond words but it adds to the atmosphere and mood on a deck. Or anywhere for that matter. 

Often a fire can be that missing element for your outdoor living room. Setting the mood, drawing in people and creating a place to enjoy.

And yes, like a sole candle flame sets the mood. A solo stove is a million candles burning bright warming hearts. 

Warmth from a solo stove. A fire on your stove can raise the temperature by just a few degrees making you that much more comfortable on your deck. The intensity of the flame dictating the amount of heat and a solo stove is really good at helping the wood burn cleaner and hotter. 

A small note solo stoves direct most of the heat up, above the ring so you may need to direct that heat a little if you want to be warmer on the deck. But his also allows you to come in closer to the fire without being overwhelmed by the heat. 

Entertaining. Better than watching fish swimming in a tank is fire dancing in a bowl. A solo stove with its amazing air circulation enhances those dancing flames. As they leap out of the bowl giving you plenty to watch. Fire is entertaining, period. Bringing you into a much better mental space. 

Cuddling by the Fire. This is a combination of warmth, ambiance and entertainment, but what draws people together than a fire? 

The warmth of a fire warming your soul, drawing you into a warm embrace. 

The animated fire illuminating the night sky opening conversation.  

The dancing flames to focus your eyes and memorize you while you cuddle up close to your friend and lover. Yes, fires on a deck are great for cuddling in front of. 

Fun Cooking. I don’t care what you can cook in the kitchen, everything tastes better cooked on a fireOpens in a new tab.. But bringing out the stick and roasting wieners or marshmallows over a cooking hot solo fire. Is amazing and fun at the same time. Don’t forget smores, my wife never does.  

Social Attraction. Ever since the cavemen and ladies gathered around a fire to tell stories we all have been attracted to fire. Isn’t it funny how people are drawn to a fire? 

A few years ago I was out camping. It was amazing how the one site that kept a fire burning always had people gathering. 

My one friend recently told me the reason he goes camping is to have a fire. I should maybe tell him that with a solo stove he could enjoy a fire at home. 

Nah, it’s good for him and his family to get out of the city but seriously a solo stove on the deck would allow him to enjoy camping without driving. 

But seriously, why add a Solo Stove to your deck? 

What Are the Benefits of a Solo Stove on a Deck?

Not all fire pits are created equally. 

There are some key benefits of using a solo stove on a deck. 

  • Less Smoke
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Guided heat making it easier for roasting food on your deck

A solo stove circulating air is what sets it apart from many other deck fires. But there are other innovative designs that make it even better on your deck.

Less smoke because the hot air ignites the half-burned smoke as it leaves the canister. Reducing the populations leaving the fire. Meaningless smoke in your eyes as you warm your hands by the fire.

The spark arrestor reduces the chance of burning your deck. Stop the sparks before they can smoulder on your decking. 

Flying sparks is one of the biggest reasons I discourage having a wood-burning fire pit on your deck. Both wood and composites like Trex or Fiberon. Even Azek, class A boards will melt if hot sparks sit on them. But with the spark arrestors covering your fire you can enjoy the fire Not worry about it. 

As I already said, cooking over a wood fire is a delightful activity.

The solo stove directing it’s heat above makes roasting so much better. The heat bellowing out the top, turning your marshmallow a golden brown. Or black if that’s what you like.

Despite all the benefits and things you can do with the right fire pit on your deck, we do not want to ignore the biggest question. 

Is it Safe to Use a Solo Stove on a Deck?

On composite decking, solo stoves can be used by placing a stand underneath it or using grates to create an elevated stove surface if desired.

It is safe to use a solo stove because it has its own safety features to prevent accidents and burns, such as air intakes which automatically close when there is not enough oxygen available from other sources (i.e., contained within). It also does not emit any harmful fumes, unlike some burners or grills.

One thing solo stove users should not do is use the solo stove on any other type of material that could release toxic fumes like car paint, adhesives, or gasoline! These materials will cause black smoke, which has hazardous toxins in them when they burn! 

Also, never burn pressure treated. This includes scraps from building your deck. Better to buy firewood. 

How to Use a Solo Stove on a Composite Deck

Some solo stoves come with stands that protect objects from the heat they produce. If you are using a solo stove that does not have its own stand, then be sure to create one with bricks or other materials.

A solo stove can be used on a composite deck by placing a stand underneath it. Alternatively, grates under the firepot will work depending on what size solo stove you have. Make sure they are wide enough, so food doesn’t fall through them while cooking! 

One of the biggest ways that solo stoves are safer on a deck is.

The Stand. 

Yes, you can jimmy rig some bricks under your fire pit. Giving some distance between the fire bowl and the decking. But it will not work nearly as well or look as good as the solo stove stand. Designed to fit just right under the stove keeping it in place regardless of all the activity on the deck around it. 

But for the decking, it’s that  2 ¾” (70mm) air gap that means the world. The difference between burning and warming. It may not seem like a lot but it will save your deck. 

I do still recommend a fire mat to ensure that your composite decking will not damage. 

By adding material under the fire pit that is both fire retardant and reflecting heat. It both prevents a fire from starting on the decking by being fire-resistant. It also reduces the chances of composite decking damage by reflecting heat away from the decking. Reflecting heat away from the decking is important for both composite and wood decking.

Don’t forget, Trex will start to soften as low as 176°F and untreated wood can ignite as low as 356° F. This is wood not treated with fire-retardant. I have not heard of any difference for burning if the wood is treated to prevent rot. Different treatments for different reasons. 

The solo stove can also be used as an outdoor fireplace if desired since the heat that comes out of the top, vents up into a chimney effect for warmth at night when you have cold weather.

What Can I Put Under My Solo Stove to Prevent Damaging the Decking?

Now for a few recommendations of products that will help to protect your decking while using a solo stove.  

The first is a stand.

Designed for a solo stove and will work best is the solo stove standOpens in a new tab.

Solo Stove also offers a solo stove stand that is made of metal and has four legs. The solo stove stand can be used for two solo stoves at the same time, so it’s perfect for cooking with more than one person or if you’re trying to cook something larger like ribs or hot dogs on the grill!

This is great for adding more air between the decking and the fire. But this is much more designed for cooking convenience than decking protection. But if you are hoping to do a lot of grilling on your deck, this is worth considering. 

But beyond cooking the extra height is not of value.

Outside of solo products a fire mat will protect your decking from the heat of the fireOpens in a new tab.

The link goes to an article with much more in-depth discussions about protecting your decking while using a fire pit.  

There are lots of reflective fire mats to choose from. The three most significant features I like about this one is

  • REFLECTS up to 95% of HEAT
  • Only requires 2″ SPACING between the bottom of fire pits 
  • Fire Resistant for temperature as high as 2000 °F (1093°C)

Order Roloway fire pit matOpens in a new tab. and know your deck is protected while enjoying a fire on your deck. 

Solo Stove for Your Deck, Both Composite and Wood 

With 5 solo stoves to choose between which one is best for a deck.

3 of the 5 have available stands, which eliminates Lite and Titan for your deck. 

If your deck is small, less than 12’ x12’ the Ranger may be a good fit but it’s small size, only 12” or smaller logs. Its height is 12 ½” without the stand makes it low on a deck compared to your other patio furniture. 

The best solo stove for a large deck or patio is the Solo Stove Yukon 27 which has a larger capacity than others. Giving you plenty of heat and room to gather around the fire with your friends. 

Remember the whole reason for having a fire on your deck. 

The Yukon 27 specs are:

  • The Yukon Solo StoveOpens in a new tab.  is 17″ (406mm) tall. 18 ¾” (476mm) if you include the stand. And if it’s on your deck you need that stand. It measures larger than all other Solo Stove fire pits and creates the hottest, most effective fire available.
  • The diameter is 27” (495mm), hence the name. Yes, Solo stove is based out of the United States.

Bonfire is smaller but.

Is the best Solo stove for most decks.

Not too big, not too small. 

Just like Goldilocks, “just right”.

The Bonfire specs are:

  • The BonfireOpens in a new tab. is 14” ((356mm) without the stand but 16 ¾” (425mm) with that essential stand for protecting the decking.
  • The diameter is 19 ½” (495mm). Big enough to enjoy the flames but small enough to gather with select friends. Or do some of the ambience cuddling.

If you want more info and comparison, Yukon vs Bonfire, Yardiac.comOpens in a new tab.. They have a very thorough comparison between the two. Very helpful read but I do disagree with their final assessment. For most decks, Bonfire is your better choice. Sizes matter and sometimes smaller is better. 

Solo Stove On a Composite Deck Conclusion

Solo Stoves are a great way to get your cooking done while outdoors. If you’re looking for an outdoor stove that can be used on a composite deck, the solo stove may not be for you. 

Solo stoves can also be used on composite deckingOpens in a new tab. with the right safety features in place, like a stand for it to sit on. When using a solo stove on any type of decking, be sure to pay close attention to its placement and surrounding materials. 

Especially the decking. A moment of neglect, a lifetime of regret. 

“Protect, don’t regret.”

However, with just one purchase of this versatile fire pit, it’s possible to cook in any weather condition and with the heat from the top vents enjoy sitting out on your deck on a cool evening.

Before discovering the Solo stove my standard line is Wood fires are nice but are better off your decks. But with the solo Stove. You think you can have it all.

A warm crackling fire and a comfortable chair on your deck.    

Ryan Nickel

A Red Seal carpenter, passionate about building decks to be enjoyed.

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