Review of Fortress Decking

Evaluation of Fortress Composite Decking

Outdoor living has grown in popularity to become one of the most sought-after home improvements. Homeowners all over the country are trying to expand their outdoor spaces, making them more valuable and appealing. One common part of many outdoor living areas is decking. 

No matter how ambitious your building plans are, including a deck with the right decking improves the aesthetic value of your home while at the same time expanding the space further.

The right decking has several advantages. In addition to adding value to your home, a deck also adds more functional possibilities to the space. What could be better than low maintenance decking creating a floor for all your backyard dreams.

However, choosing exemplary decking is paramount to getting the best out of it. Could Fortress be one of the best composite deckings brandsOpens in a new tab.? Let’s dig deeper and find out what Fortress decking has to offer. 

Who Makes Fortress Decking?

Fortress Building Products based in Dallas, Texas but with a global network distributing its composite worldwide. This company has been in the game for quite a long time, in fact, over 50 years. They are well known for their unique and innovative design for makeovers. 

The chances are high that you have already enjoyed their Fortress decking railing which proceeded their composite decking and still makes decks safe and looking even better.

The company mainly focuses on providing outdoor living solutions for its customers. Their services include cladding, decking, fencing, railing, framing, and lighting.

During the initial Fortress Decking designing stages, Fortress had one thing in mind; providing their customers with high quality yet affordable decking services. As a result, the cost-effective decking delivers robust and beautiful decking that stands the test of time. 

What Is Fortress Decking Made Of?

Fortress decking is made from bamboo and cellular PVC with a polymer co-extruded cap. Two advantages of this material is it is lightweight and absorbs minimal amounts of water. Increasing the durability of its deck boards.

Along with reducing costs by lower freight rates, thus the cost of the decking.

Plus, making construction easier with decking that is easier to move around with its reduced weight.

In regards to water. Water is the number one challenge of decking, causing rot, mould and other decking problems. Fortress decking made from PVC and Bamboo absorbs less waterOpens in a new tab., decreasing decking damage and increasing longevity.

How Many Colours of Decking Fortress Decking are Available

Before we get to the specific colours, you need to consider how essential choosing the right colour. 

Decking is not simply a floor for your deck; it costs time and money. Remember, the outdoor décor will be around for a fair bit of time and its appearance will either add to or distract from your outdoor oasis. Therefore, take your time before choosing a specific colour. 

Fortress Decking comes in a variety of colours to choose from, 8 in total. They include:
Apex Series ColoursOpens in a new tab.

  • Alaskan Driftwood Gray
  • Arctic Birch
  • Himalayan cedar brown 
  • Brazilian teak

Infinity I Series ColoursOpens in a new tab.

  • Cape town grey
  • Caribbean coral gray
  • Oasis Palm brown
  • Tiger Cove

Fortress Decking Profiles

Even though there are different fortress profile decking profiles, all of them are made to the highest possible quality to endure the harshest conditions. However, variations exist to give you a wide range of choices to choose from. 

There are two distinct Fortress DeckingOpens in a new tab. profiles; Fortress I-Series Decking and Fortress Apex Decking. 

Fortress I-Series Decking

This is the newest profile to be released by Fortress. The decking profile is made using a bamboo capped-composite procedure. This adds extra strength and resistance for durability and better performance. 

Fortress claims that it released the Fortress I-Series decking profile to meet new decking demands, such as withstanding extreme temperatures and harsh climates in different parts of the world. 

“A cost-effective deck option without sacrificing performance”

Infinity I Series

The decking boards have increased slip resistance, higher dissipation of heat, and the ability to withstand humid conditions. This is brought about by the increased density and unique profile engineering. The decks are good at keeping moisture out, making them suitable for use even in areas of high moisture levels. 

According to the engineers of this profile, the decking profile is different from the others because they replaced the typical basic wood fillers with stronger and tougher bamboo ones. This, along with other advanced engineering techniques, means that the decking cannot absorb any water. 

The Infinity I-Series is available in multiple earth-tone colours. Additionally, the available options are dual-embossed, making it impossible to find two similar grain patterns.

Fortress Apex Decking

According to most customers, this is the best decking profile from Fortress. Its unique and improved features allow it to compete with the best decking profiles available. 

The Apex Decking profile is a capped bamboo-PVC to offer more strength and protection to the deck. However, the decks are aesthetically pleasing even with all these durability features. 

The most noticeable difference between the I Series and Apex is, it is a solid deck board. No special engineered profile to reduce material while maintaining strength.

The strength of bamboo, combined with the durability of PVC, is blessed with a range of attractive colours to complement your deck. The final look is of high-quality tropical hardwood with a unique texture and characteristic.

Apex decking is also relatively light compared to other profiles. This is because it features a foam core that has been reinforced using bamboo, which makes it easier to handle when installing. 

However, the good thing about it is that they didn’t compromise on the quality even though they made it lighter.

Additionally, the board expands and contracts much less than other decking profiles. Not as little as Deckorators mineral-based composite but less than most PVC decking.

Just like the I-Series, Apex decking also features improved slip resistanceOpens in a new tab.. Every board used is also encapsulated using an acrylic polymer that makes it hard to fade over time. 

Compared to other profiles, Apex decking is stronger and safer. Creating a rigid floor underfoot even with joists at 16″ o.c. Which is significant as many PVC deck boards call for 12″ on centre joists to prevent sagging.  

Pros and Cons of Fortress Decking

One might wonder what makes Fortress such an ideal decking option. Why not just go for the typical decking materials and profiles? Below are some of the outstanding benefits of choosing Fortress. 

1. Decking is a Green Choice

As we have seen earlier, Fortress decking profiles have a core made of high-density bamboo to give the decks a natural water-resistant characteristic. 

The outstanding composition also features recycled components that blend in uniformly. This means that no toxic preservatives have been used to make the boards. This sustainable trait makes Fortress Decking environmentally friendly.

2. Affordability

Yes, Fortress Decking has numerous superior advantages over other options, but you don’t have to break your ban to enjoy all this. The Fortress had its customers in mind when setting the prices. Getting such high-quality decking at such prices is quite the bargain! And due to the durability, you are less likely to incur any additional maintenance and repair costs since it is a durable decking option. 

Fortress decking is an excellent option for anyone looking for decking solutions with a small budget. 

3. Easy Handling

Using bamboo in the decks was such a hack! It is lighter than other materials used to make decks. This makes it easy to handle, from carrying the decking to installing them they are much easier to move around.

4. Longevity

This might be one of Fortress’s main selling points. Fortress decking will last for a long time while still maintaining aesthetic value. As we have seen, Fortress decking profiles have been uniquely engineered to survive in different climates. For example, the fact that the decking doesn’t absorb any moisture minimizes any chance of getting water damaged. Like rot or mould.

Fortress decking requires no sealing, staining, painting, or sanding. The unique and Fortress-specific manufacturing process produces decking profiles with improved scratch resistance, significantly reducing wear and tear!

UV rays from the sun are the active agents that cause solar weatheringOpens in a new tab.. Once they hit any wood surface, they dry it out and cook it from the inside, destroying its structure gradually. However, the cap protects the fibres inside the board from being damaged by UV. Along with preventing water from penetrating the core of the decking.

5. Little Maintenance for Enhanced Safety

One thing about Fortress decking is that you will spend most of the time enjoying the deck, not maintaining it. Several Fortress decking traits, such as fade-resistant, make it ideal for your decking needs.

Moreover, Fortress decking is safe and secure even for children. For example, the surface is slip-resistant, thus reducing the chances of accidents even when slippery. 

However, despite all these advantages, Decking Fortress has a few disadvantages. 

1. Colour options.

Yes they have a good range but compared with brands like FiberonOpens in a new tab. which has over 30 colours to choose from, Fortress could leave you wanting more.

2. Shiny Boards.

It will quickly fade to a more natural decking sheen, but the boards initially have a plastic sheen. Which can make the initial construction of the deck less than ideal. Like I said it quickly resolves itself but can be a little distracting at first.

How Long is Fortress Decking Warranty?

This differs by collection. Fortress premium board, Apex comes with a 50-year warranty. Which is a good deal of time. It includes all the classics like fading less than 5-Delta E, will not stain if spills are cleaned within a weak.

Fortress’s more economical line, I Series warranty is shorter being only 30 years, comparable to TimberTech ProOpens in a new tab. collection. Beyond being shorter it is very similar to Apex’s warranty. Promising durability resilient colouring without being damaged by spills on your deck.

Conclusion After Reviewing Fortress Decking

If you are looking for something a little different for your deck without all the maintenance of wood decking, Fortress decking is a good pick. Yes, its one of many composite decking boards available for your deck, but it is one of the few that brings the strength of bamboo to your deck.

Which puts it in a category of its own for strength, durability and stability of material. Something to consider when buying decking.