Review of Inteplast Group PVC Decking

Evaluation of Interplast decking

Ready for a brief review of Inteplast PVC decking to help you make a better decision about the low-maintenance decking you purchase for your deck.

Brief Introduction to Inteplast Group as a Company

When you think Inteplast Group, you would be forgiven if low-maintenance decking was not the first thing that came to mind. Decking is only one of many materials manufactured by the Inteplast group. From food wrap to health care, they have been manufacturing the things we need for over 25 years.

Their 3 lines of PVC decking is what we will focus on here. Low-maintenance decking made for us to enjoy the outdoors.

What is Inteplast Group PVC Decking Made of?

Made from Cellular PVC, designed for durability with less maintenance than traditional wood.

Being a PVC product, it also shares many advantages of PVC decking over composite decking.Opens in a new tab.

  • Inteplast PVC Decks were engineered to release heat quicker
  • Lighter than composite Decking
  • Moisture resistant
  • Will not rot, crack, split, or splinter
  • Impervious to moisture, insects, and termites
  • Ultra-low maintenance, never needs painting, staining, or sealing

Their decking has been tested by ICC (International Construction Council) and CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre). Both show their quality and acceptability in decking applications.

Interesting side note, Wolf Serenity is included with Inteplast decking CCMC decking reportOpens in a new tab.. As they are the manufacturer of both brands of PVC decking. If you want a more in-depth review, check out Review of Wolf Serenity PVC DeckingOpens in a new tab.. Were I go more in-depth about the quality of construction and performance of the decking.

Similar to Wolf Serenity, the decking has a square edge profile and can be installed with CAMO®, HIDfast™ providing a clean deck surface at a lower cost than clip or biscuit hidden fasteners systems. Many of the larger brands of PVC deckingOpens in a new tab. like Azek or Fiberon use. Which can increase the decking cost by as much as $1 a square foot.

How Many Colours of Decking Does IntePlast Group PVC Decking have?

With Inteplast, you not only have 14 colours of decking to choose between but their Variegated and Solid boards are dual embossed. With a different grain pattern on each side of the board. Increasing the number of options of decking finish.

With Variegated and Solid you have the choice of Teak or Cedar wood grains. Both very popular wood deckings but come with much more maintenance than Inteplast.

Their premium line Décor has a walnut wood grain pattern. A nice touch of class for your deck.


  • Burnished Maple
  • Red Cedar
  • Warm Walnut
  • Gray Walnut

Inteplast Variegated Decks are intended to resemble real wood without the maintenance hassles and offer exceptional colour streaking in subtle, woodgrain surfaces that mimic the look of genuine wood. There’s no need for staining, sealing, or painting each year.


  • Acorn
  • Desert Brown
  • Sandalwood
  • Gray
  • Sage
  • Slate

Inteplast solid colour decking has excellent performance, unrivalled durability, and a stunning appearance.


  • London Grey
  • Moroccan Cedar
  • Spanish Walnut
  • Tuscan Cherry

Décor Deck mimics the look and feel of genuine hardwoods without the maintenance requirements. It’s meant to be simple to maintain and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.

The Décor lineadditionally includes an extra topcoat to improve durability. Along with Real FeelTM embossing to make your decking not only look good but feel better.

If you want to better understand the decking colour options, check out Inteplast Decking VisualizerOpens in a new tab.. See how the different colours of decking and trim combine to make your deck unique.

How Long is Inteplast Group PVC Decking Warranty?

Like many PVC decking, Inteplast decking includes a “lifetime” warranty. Or at least for structural defects.

For fade and stain, this is reduced to a 25-yearOpens in a new tab.s residential warranty. Furthermore, this 25 years is pro-rated reducing in coverage the older the decking. Similar to Trex and many other composite decking companies.

The one big difference is how much the decking made fade. Unlike other PVC companies that guarantee no more than 5-Delta-E of fading throughout the warranty. Inteplast allows for as much as 10 Delta-E by the 25-year.   

Summary of Reviewing Inteplast Group PVC Decking

The durability of PVC is an excellent material for decking. Inteplast takes their decking unique with different wood grain patterns to choose from compared to other PVC decking.

The number of colours gives you plenty of choices to find the right colour for your home.

One drawback about Inteplast decking compared to other PVCOpens in a new tab. decking is the warranty. To be clear, it is not bad. Just Fiberon, Azek and Wolf Serenity have fuller warranties. Guaranteeing that their decking will fade less, and if it does will compensate you more.

But overall Inteplast decking has been tested and approved and should provide a lifetime of enjoyment on your deck.