Review of Zometek Bamboo Composite Decking

Elevating Zometek composite decking

Looking for an alternative to leading composite decking brandsOpens in a new tab.? A possible option worth reviewing is Zometek bamboo composite decking.

Zometek composite decking is a wonderful alternative to hardwood or wood-based composite decking. A mixture of bamboo fibres and plastic provides an eco-friendly option for durable decks and can withstand the outdoor elements and plenty of use.

Zometek is an interesting decking offering in that it does not contain woods fibres but rather is a bamboo-based composite decking. But before we get into the details about Zometek decking, let us back up a little and introduce ourselves to Zometek as a company.

Brief Introduction to Zometek as a Company

Started in 2014 and is currently based out of Zometek is located in Seattle, WA. A smaller composite decking manufacturer compared to the dominant brands like Trex and Fiberon. But size is not everything when it comes to being the best.

Zometek prides itself on being a company that provides a sustainable decking product that can withstand extreme conditions. They have worked with builders of mountain homes to provide quality decks in climates that have harsh weather and brutal environments.

What Is Zometek Decking Made of?

Zometek decking is made of a mixture of recycled plastic and bamboo fibres. The combination is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood. Bamboo rapidly replaces itself, making it more environmentally friendly than many wood-based decking.

The fibres of bamboo increase the strength and durability of the decking.

Their low water absorption discourages the growth of mould and mildew. Limiting the impact of water on the deck extends the deck’s life. To increase mould resistance, Zometek goes the extra step of combing additional mould-stopping additives.

The colouring is also an additive mixed in with the composite to ensure long-lasting colour that won’t fade or stain. Which also minimizes the look of scratches on the decking. With the mark having the same colour as the surface.

How Many Colours of Decking Does Zometek Have?

Zometek’s xBeam decking comes in five great colours

  • Copper
  • Chestnut
  • Coffee
  • Slate
  • Teak.

The Lite deck and patio tiles also come in the same colours. The colours are blended into the decking requiring no additional painting or staining.

Is Zometek Decking Capped?

Although Zometek doesn’t have an additional cap, it is coated, making it resistant to mildew, mould, and stains. It does not need to be sealed and is highly durable against the elements such as snow, rain, and ice that would otherwise cause it to buckle or warp.

What is the Surface Finish of Zometek Decking?

Zometek xBeam decking are dual finished, with one smooth side. The opposite is grooved. Giving you options for tractionOpens in a new tab. and decking finish.  

Profiles of Zometek Decking

Zometek xBeam decking is hollow for a lightweight option of decking that is easy to install and cut to the length of board you need. The hollow decking also allows for airflow within the planks to cool down the boards in summer heat.

The Lite patio and deck tiles are solid for extra durability. Because of their construction, you can install the tiles directly on the ground without worrying about them warping or buckling.

How Long Is Zometek Decking Warranty?

Zometek decking comes with a twenty-five-year residential or ten-year commercial warranty. The warranty is for replacing or refunding the decking costs due to splitting, rotting, fungal decay, or termite damage. It also covers manufacturing defects.

For the residential warranty, complete refunding of the decking is effective for the first six years after purchase. After that, the refund percentage drops by 20% every three years until the twenty-five-year mark is reached.

Is Zometek Decking Easy to Install?

Zometeck xbeam decking offers multiple install methods, including clips and Camo hidden fastenersOpens in a new tab..

Summary of Reviewing Zometek Decking

Zometek decking offers a unique alternative to traditional hardwood decking. Their bamboo and plastic composite decking come in boards and deck tiles.

With a limited amount colour options (5), Zometek may leave you desiring more. Interestingly Fortress decking,Opens in a new tab. also a bamboo-based composite decking I series, only has 4 colours to choose from.

Zometek decking is durable enough to stand against the elements such as ice, snow, and rain, heavy foot traffic, rotting, splitting, fungal decay, and termite infestation.

The company provides a twenty-five-year warranty for residential use and a ten-year warranty for commercial use.

Zometek decking is hollow for lightweight and cool decking in the summer. It also comes in a grooved finish with additional grip to minimize slipping on wet rainy days on your deck.