Outdoor Rug on a Composite Deck, Will it Destroy it?

We all love to take great care and pride in our homes. We want them to look as cozy, comforting, and welcoming as possible.

Home is also a place where you should feel at peace 24 hours a day. This doesn’t only apply to your home’s interior, though.

Is It OK To Put An Outdoor Rug On A Composite Deck?

Your home’s exterior deserves just as much attention and love.

If you’re lucky enough to have decking outside your home, then it should be an extension of your home’s tranquillity.

And, just like your home’s interior, you can decorate the decking with different accessories, such as rugs.

By adding an outdoor rug, your decking can be transformed from a cold, empty space into a cozy, inviting area. 

If your decking is made from composite material, then you’re probably wondering if an outdoor rug is a good or bad idea.

Although composite decking is renowned for its supreme durability, it can still be vulnerable to certain issues.

While outdoor rugs can transform your decking area, not all types of these rugs are suitable for composite decking.

On composite decks, you should only use outdoor rugs made from vinyl, polyester or polypropylene. Never use rubber back mats they will damage the composite. Also, avoid rugs with metal accents or grommets because they can scratch the decking or leave rust stains.

To find out more about what outdoor rugs can be used on composite decking, read on.

We will discuss whether outdoor rugs are a good choice for composite decking, and if so, why placing a rug outside may be a good idea.

Can You Use An Outdoor Rug On Composite Decking?

The short answer to this is, yes, you can use outdoor rugs on composite decking, but there are some concerns you should consider before using any first.

On some occasions, rugs can affect your decking.

However, the type of decking and rug tends to determine how the decking’s surface would be affected. 

Some types of outdoor rugs absorb moisture from snow or rain.

Therefore, when these rugs are placed on wooden decking, moisture can cause damage.

But, composite decking is resistant to warping and moisture, so surely all outdoor rugs are safe to use, right?

Although composite decking is designed to resist moisture damage, it can still be affected by it.

Unlike wood, mould and mildew will not grow on composite decking when subject to moisture, but they can grow on some types of rugs. 

If a rug is left on composite decking and has been exposed to moisture, it can end up staining the decking.

The good news is that most composite deckingOpens in a new tab. is also resistant to stains, as long as you clean it immediately.

But, if you leave the stain lingering for too long, then issues may start to arise. 

Not all rugs absorb moisture, however. Therefore, moisture-resistant rugs are considered safe to use on decking.

This includes wooden, composite, and vinyl decking. 

So, the answer to “can you place an outdoor rug on composite decking?” is yes.

But, only if it is the right type of rug (i.e. moisture-resistant). If not, the rug may cause damage to the decking.

What Types Of Rugs Can You Use On Composite Decking?

You need to carefully choose what type of rug to use on your composite decking.

As we discussed above, there are some outdoor rugs that you should always avoid.

Rugs that are designed with metal accents or grommets should be avoided.

This is simply because the metal can rust, and if the rust is left to linger, it can stain the composite decking.

Yes, you can remove these stains, and here are some household products that can remove rust stains from compositesOpens in a new tab.. But the best way to tackle such stains is to avoid them altogether! 

You should also avoid rugs with latex or rubber backing. Trex, Fiberon and many more companies are very clear about this. No rubber on your composite deck.

As for what types of rugs you can use on composite decking, those with vinyl, polyester or polypropylene backing are good. The best material is polypropylene for rugs on composite decksOpens in a new tab..

These will never leave any marks on the decking and, most importantly, are completely resistant to mould and mildew, which, as we stated above, can stain and mark your composite decking. 

Why Should You Use An Outdoor Rug On Your Composite Decking? 

Why Should You Use An Outdoor Rug On Your Composite Decking? 

There are a range of benefits to placing an outdoor rug on your decking. In terms of the overall design, an outdoor rug can transform a space.

It can change your decking area from something bland and unwelcoming, into a comforting, oasis of calm. In other words, a simple rug can pull a whole space together.

Rugs can add a splash of colour that helps the space become more cohesive.

Not only that, but they can add additional texture to your outdoor space. Just a little dash of colour and texture can help bring a deck to life!

Rugs can even create different zones on decking. They can separate different areas, such as a lounging space and a dining space on the deck.

Another reason outdoor rugs are beneficial is that they can provide added safety.

Some composite decking can become very slippery when it is wetOpens in a new tab..

If you choose a rug that absorbs moisture, it can keep your decking dry and prevent you and anyone else from slipping.

Rugs are also very practical.

If you and your family are regularly walking across your decking, then you will know, all too well, that dirt and grime will soon start to build up on its surface.

A rug can shelter your composite deck from such dirt and debris.

Although composite decking is more resistant to scratchesOpens in a new tab. and marks than wood, it is still susceptible to damage.

A rug, therefore, can protect the decking’s surface from scratches and scraping from pieces of debris, foot traffic, and furniture legs. 

What Size Rug Should You Use On Composite Decking?

Choosing the right rug size for your decking area can be a little complicated.

First and foremost, the rug must be large enough to cover a sufficient portion of the deck, but also small enough so that it doesn’t overpower the whole space. 

In general, you should be looking at an outdoor rug that is around 18 inches (540 mm) smaller than the entire deck area.

Say you have a deck that is 16 feet x 12 feet (4.8 x 3.6 m), and you leave the deck border at a minimum of 18 inches (450 mm), then the rug should measure no more than 13 feet x 9 feet (3.9 x 2.7 m). 

The rug should be big enough so a table and chairs can fit around it.

We recommend finding a rug that is the table size plus 2 feet (0.6 m) on all sides for the chairs.

A common rug size is 9 feet x 12 feet. This should fit most standard decks. 

Whatever material your deck is made from, you need to endure the rug is the right size for the space.

Too small, and it will get lost and not serve any purpose. Too big, and the rug will take over the decking and may look odd. 

In Summary

It is possible to use outdoor rugs on composite decking, but only certain types.

When shopping for an outdoor rug for your composite decking, come back to this article for further help. 

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