Required Distance Between Your House and Propane Fire Pit

Have you looked next door to see your neighbour cooking hot dogs over their fire pit? Does this site make you want to install one so that your family can have fun also?   Does the placement of the pit incite the fear that your house will catch on fire? It is all about placement.

As a general rule, propane fire pits are safe when installed at least ten feet away from flammable items. This distance applies to: 

  • Your home
  • Outbuildings
  • Foliage
  • Your neighbor’s home

Before you purchase your pit, check with your municipality to see the guidelines for installation. 

While placement is essential, there are other safeguards you should take. These precautions will help you feel more secure regarding safety and enjoyment for you and your family.  Read below to see more information to help you decide the placement and operation of your Propane fire pit.

How Dangerous are Propane Fire Pits?

There are two kinds of Propane fire pits: DIY and commercial. DIY pits are almost as safe as commercial. Fire pits can be dangerous to homeowners and the environment, especially if they are not properly tended. 

Generally, commercial propane fire pits pose little risk, since they have been manufactured to keep the propane stable. Manufacturers pressure test the pipelines to ensure that there are no leaks.

The U.S. Fire Service states that approximately 5,000 Americans are burned every year by charcoal, wood burning, and propane gas fires.  Taking precautions to protect yourself and keep your family protected are essential to make your experience a good one.

  • Install your propane fire pit ten or more feet from your house and other structures.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close and make sure that everyone knows how to use it.
  • Declutter the area where the fire pit will be. You can do this by clearing away leaves and trash that could catch on fire.
  • Clean the fire pit burners and pipes because they can become clogged and cause gas buildup.
  • Before lighting your pit, check for leaks and tighten the connections if necessary
  • Know your fire pit so that you will know what to do if you need to turn off the gas in a hurry.
  • Propane fire pits do not need any fuel except propane. Do not add gasoline, paper, or charcoal lighter fluid.
  • Do not leave children or pets without supervision

By following the above suggestions, you will keep your propane fire pit in good working order. The main idea is to keep the fire pit at least ten feet from your home and other flammable items. This space will help you keep your fire pit experience one that you will enjoy. 

Guidelines for Placing Your Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits are less dangerous than wood-burning fire pits. Fire pits are made for outdoor use only. Do not put them in a confined space. You can use them on an open-air porch or a screened-in porch, but you must follow CSA guidelines. They must be placed on non-combustible surfaces. See the table below for more information. 

Here are some guidelines as to where a propane fire pit can and cannot be placed.

Never Place Propane Fire PitPossible Propane Fire pit PlacementAlways Place Propane Fire Pit
On the grassUnder a pergola10 feet away from the house
On top of bricksOn a deckAway from trees and shrubs
Enclosed porchCovered patioAway from wooden fences
Under porchGazeboAway from your neighbour’s yard

The propane fire pitOpens in a new tab. is classified as an outdoor decorative gas appliance. You can use a propane fire pit under a covered patio; however, the height of the ceiling must be 80 or more inches. You can also use the propane in a gazebo or a pergola. You must use caution and do not leave unattended.

What is the Best Propane Fire Pit?

There are several propane fire pits to choose from, and it can be confusing. You will want to get the best pit to bring enjoyment to you and last over time. See the chart below that will show you the top five propane pits available.

Outland Fire BowlB007UMD2L019x19x11Inches58,000
Endless SummerGAD1418M32.5×32.6×9.5 Inches30,000
Heininger Portable PitB008JORKP219.25×19.25×11.5 Inches58,000
Bond Portable PitB01HTZBI4A18.5×18.5×14.65 Inches54,000

The chart above shows the five best propane fire pits. See below for a more detailed description of these fire pits.

The Outland Living Portable Propane Fire PitOpens in a new tab. is a great portable pit for taking with you for camping. There is no dirt or ash because there is no wood.  You should be able to use it during campfire bans because it is spark-free lighting and no wood embers to start fires.

The Endless Summer Gas Fire Pit Table Opens in a new safe to use and is for more permanent placement. It is perfect for entertaining and will keep you and your friends warm for an enjoyable experience..

The Heininger Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Opens in a new portable and lightweight so that you can take them with you. You could be able to use this safely during most campfire bans.

The Bond Manufacturing Gas Fire PitOpens in a new tab. was voted the best portable. You can use this pit in your yard or camping. It has a locking lid and handles for easy portability.

These propane pits are a good choice, depending upon whether you would like portable or stationary.  They all provide warmth for your comfort, and they are easy to learn to use. They are all certified by CSA, which is the top agency for inspection.

All of these pits have the same specifications for placement around combustible items. 


When installed correctly, propane fire pits can provide a source of warmth and entertainment. Several safety precautions should be taken to make sure that no one gets hurt. There are also many different propane fire pits you can choose fromOpens in a new tab.

Whether you are going camping or looking for something for your home, there is a fire pit for anyone interested. 

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