A Review of Clubhouse PVC Decking

Evaluating Clubhouse decking

If you’re planning a deck remodel, now’s the time to upgrade to something more modern and less work. Compared to standard wood and wood-composite materials, PVC decks are built to last three times longer, no matter how damp the climate is. Clubhouse PVC Decking has countless options to help you build the deck of your dreams.

PVC decksOpens in a new tab. are lighter, easier to install, require less maintenance, and last far longer than traditional wooden decks. Clubhouse PVC Decking offers a wide variety of PVC materials that closely mimic the look of real hardwoods. You can install a Clubhouse PVC deck on your own or hire a trained professional to do it for you.

Let’s take a closer look at Clubhouse PVC decking and explore what they have to offer. We’ll dive into their wide range of products, evaluate the quality of their materials, and break down each of their collections. If you’re ready to upgrade your deck, let’s get started!

What to Consider Before Buying Composite Decking

Before you invest in a new deck, you should carefully evaluate the brand and its materials. A new deck can cost as much as $10,000, so you’ll want to guarantee that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We carefully assessed Clubhouse PVC Decking based on these four factors:

Colour and Appearance

Just because you’re investing in long-lasting PVC decking doesn’t mean it should look like plastic. The beauty of wood without the maintenance and cost is still ideal. Clubhouse PVC Decking offers a full range of premium hardwoodOpens in a new tab. PVC materials, designed to closely imitate hickory, mahogany, walnut, and various other beautiful woods.


No matter what material you use, your deck is liable to get wet and become slippery. Some materials provide more traction than others, helping you stay safe when you go out on your deck. Wood decking is often used as the standard for decking traction. But PVC boards are textured to create as much traction or even more than pressure-treated. Making them a better traction option than many other composite materials.


There’s no denying that price matters. At upper ends, a new deckOpens in a new tab. can cost up to $10,000, including materials and labour. Upkeep and maintenanceOpens in a new tab. can add another $1,000-$3,000 over the lifespan of your deck. Wood is susceptible to mould, termites, and warping, making it more expensive. PVC decking often costs more upfront, but you’ll save more by avoiding expensive upkeep fees.


Durability directly affects the lifespan and cost of your deck. A standard wooden deckOpens in a new tab. can last from 10-20 years if properly maintained. On the other hand, PVC can last 50 plus years if well-maintained. And maintenance is as simple as cleaningOpens in a new tab..

Wood and even some wood-composite materials are prone to mould and water damage, especially if used in a humid or damp climate. PVC, though, is highly durable and able to withstand water exposure.

Who Makes Clubhouse PVC Decking?

Clubhouse PVC Decking was purchased by TruNorthDeck based out of Brantford, Ontario, in 2018. Adding to their many extruded plastic that they have been manufacturing for over 50 years now.  

Clubhouse PVC Decking is best known for its range of premium PVC decking materials, “inspired by nature” and built to “stand up to it”. Their PVC decking boards are built using KORELite technology to produce a high-resistance product. Lighter than wood but is solid and has a pleasant underfoot texture.

Their decking materials are built for easy installation and, according to their websiteOpens in a new tab., you can install the decking yourself with basic woodworking toolsOpens in a new tab.. If not, you can also hire a deck contractor to assemble the PVC boards for you.

Colours Clubhouse PVC Decking

The following collections are available from Clubhouse PVC Decking. Clubhouse PVC Decking does not directly retail its products, but you can find a list of local vendors here or order online from Composite Deck Direct.

Hardwood Collection Premium

  • Driftwood
  • Hickory
  • Ipe
  • Ironwood
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut

The Clubhouse Hardwood Collection Premium is a line of PVC decking built to outperform US and Canadian standards. It’s a wonderful choice for any homeowner who wants to invest in a new deck but does not want to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of traditional wood. Nonetheless, it closely resembles real wood’s texture, look, and feel without the risk of mould or wood rot.

Earthtone Collection

  • Brookstone
  • Clay
  • Cobblestone
  • Sandstone

Along with their hardwood colours and texture line, Clubhouse PVC Decking also offers a line of Earthtone PVC boards for homeowners looking for a natural stone appearance. The Earthtone Collection is perfect for anyone wanting to blend wooden and stone details in a single deck without venturing away from long-lasting PVC boards.

Clubhouse PVC Decking Dimensions

The Earthtone Collection and Hardwood Collection Premium are built in grooved and non-grooved varieties, available in 20′, 16′, and 12′ sizes. The grooved boards are designed for hidden fasteners making installation easier and better. The dimensions of the boards depend on which variety you purchase.

The boards are a solid profile, measuring  5-1/2″ wide x 1″ thick. Similar in size to Trex Transcend composite decking. 

Features and Benefits of Clubhouse Decking

This section will closely examine the materials used to produce Clubhouse PVC Decking and discuss some of its benefits. Consider these factors before deciding which product you should buy.

Decking Core

Clubhouse PVC decking is made using KORELite technology. The decking is a solid-core foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusion with an acrylic cap layer.

Most PVC decking is made from “virgin material,” which is most likely the case with Clubhouse decking.

Decking Cap

The acrylic cap has a wire brush finish similar to TimberTech composite decking. Being a PVC decking, the cap extends around the entire board.

The acrylic cap is not a common but is also used by another premium PVC brand Zuri. Which tests have proven to be more durable than the common polymer caps.


Clubhouse PVC boards were tested under wet and dry conditions to comply with both US and Canadian building regulations.

The results showed that Clubhouse PVC boards have excellent traction under both conditions. Exceeding the expected traction rating of 0.5 even when wet. One of the best slip resistance ratings of composite decking.Opens in a new tab.

Clubhouse PVC Decking Traction ResultsOpens in a new tab.:

Transverse Traction:

  • Wet – 0.86
  • Dry – 0.97

As you can see, the boards performed above standard thanks to their unique textured design.

Clubhouse Cost Per Collection

Clubhouse PVC Decking does not directly sell its products but sells through third-party vendors. Compared to other composite decking costsOpens in a new tab., Clubhouse PVC decking is on the higher end for price. Costing more than most wood-based composite decking and even many other PVC deck boards.

Another PVC brand priced similarly to Clubhouse is Zuri PVCOpens in a new tab.. A distinct PVC decking with a hardwood photo finish.

Earthtone Collection – C$7-8.00/linear foot (Brookstone, Clay, Cobblestone, Sandstone)

Hardwood Collection – $9-11.00/linear foot. (Driftwood, Hickory, Ipe, Ironwood, Mahogany, Walnut)

Price will vary greatly from where you buy it.

Clubhouse PVC Decking Durability and Warranty

Clubhouse PVC Decking overs a limited 25-year warranty on all products, which progressively decreases every two years after the first decade. This warranty does not cover damage from natural disasters, faulty installation, fire, or puncture from shovels or ice picks. You can find more about their warranty hereOpens in a new tab..

Twenty-five years is pretty standard for composite decking but not for PVC. Most are cover 50 years or a “lifetime”. Putting Clubhouse decking on the low end for coverage. This may not reflect its durability. Zuri, another premium PVC decking, also has a 25-year warranty, but test shows it is more durable than most synthetic decking on the market.

Conclusion in Reviewing Clubhouse PVC Decking

Clubhouse is a premium PVC decking with many of the advantages of PVCOpens in a new tab.. With a beautiful cap imitating wood decking. Competitively priced with many composite deck boards.

Despite being a solid PVC decking it only has a 25-year warranty which is disappointing. Especially when compared to Azek or Fiberon’s PVC decking, which have twice the warranty length. But they also cost about twice as much.

Still needing to consider other decking brands? Click the link to see some more premium composite decking brands.  Opens in a new tab.